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Politics and Local 26

Lobby Saslaw

For years Virginia has required the state and local government to accept the “low bid” for all public construction. This has made it impossible for union contractors to get the work. “Low bid” requirements tipped the scales in favor of unscrupulous contractors encouraging them to misclassify and cheat workers to win bids.

Now for the first time in years, we have the chance to change the law so that our union contractors have a level playing and we can get more work for our members. With more work, we gain market share, which means we can also raise our wage and benefits.

Senate Majority Leader Dick Saslaw is sponsoring mini Davis-Bacon legislation, Senate Bill 8 to award public works based on established prevailing wages for each craft. Saslaw has another Bill, SB 182 to recognize Project Labor Agreements on public works. Senate Bills 8 and 182 face their first vote in committee on Monday, February 3rd. Please call (or email district35@senate.virginia.gov) the Majority Leader’s Senate office at (804) 698-7535 through the end of the week and over the weekend and Monday morning to leave him a message thanking him for sponsoring the legislation. If all of our members call; the committee will approve a clean Bill, and legislators will get the message that we are informed and involved. We all must do our part.

Sample Script: “Hello I am a member of Electrical Workers union Local 26. I am calling to thank Senator Saslaw for sponsoring Senate Bill 8, Senate Bill 182. These bills will give legitimate contractors a level playing field and encourage safety, quality and value on construction sites.”

Feel free to contact Local 26 with any questions, and also to let us know of the responses you are getting from your legislators.

VA General Elections

Thank you to you and your family members for voting on Tuesday. Our endorsed candidates won!

Now we must hold them accountable for supporting our issues and helping us gain more union jobs. That means establishing a relationship with your representatives and staying in touch with them throughout the year to remind them to vote for our bills.

We will keep you informed so you can stay involved!

The PRO Act

A legislative priority for the AFL-CIO is HR 2474, the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act and it’s identical version in the US Senate, S. 1306. This legislation, would rewrite the rules around labor law in this country.  The PRO Act was introduced in the US House of Representatives (HR 2474) by Virginia Congressman Robert “Bobby” Scott.  The following MD, VA and District of Columbia representatives have signed as co-sponsors:

Maryland:  Raskin, Cummings, Trone, Brown, Sarbanes, Ruppersberger and Hoyer

Virginia:  Beyer, Luria, Spanberger, McEachin, Connolly and Wexton

District of Columbia: Holmes-Norton

The identical bill was introduced in the US Senate (S 1306) by Senator Patty Murray (D-WA).  The following Senators have signed as co-sponsors:

Maryland:  Cardin, Van Holland

Virginia:  NONE!

Virginia Senators  Tim Kaine and Mark Warner have not signed-on to support this bill. 

Tell them to SUPPORT THE PRO ACT (S. 1306)

Senator Kaine’s Office :  703-361-3192

Senator Warner’s Office:  703-442-0670

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Politicians on Our Side

We at Local 26 are bringing in local politicians to show them what we can offer to their constituents in the way of training for a lifetime career in our trade. And also the type of training they should expect in the workforce that is building their projects in their County’s and Communities. We are in a full blown effort to secure more work for our members to be able to support their families for now and into the future.

I'll Be There Award

In November 2018, Business Manager George Hogan presented the DC Jobs with Justice "I'll Be There" award to Washington, DC, Attorney General Karl A. Racine. AG Racine has been vital to the efforts being made by Local 26 to get rid of a BAD Player, Power Design, in contracting in the Metro area. To read more about the efforts Local 26 has made to bring down such nonunion companies, check out the 4th Quarter 2018 IN Charge magazine.