IBEW Local Union 26
Washington, D.C.


You must meet the Rules of Referral in order to be eligible for the following jobs.

The information listed herein relating to type of work, duration, and overtime status is provided only as a courtesy to help the applicant in choosing a job. There is no guarantee that the same job conditions will exist when you report to work. You always have the right to refuse to accept any job, but once you accept a referral you will not be placed back in your original position on the Available-for-Work List in accordance with the referral procedures. Jobs will be posted around 4:00 pm daily for the following work day. For the latest information, please call the jobline.

Jobline 866-342-0024

Residential Wireman

August 22, 2019

Metro Zone                                                                                                                                                            

1        SRI Interiors                       AL GLEESON ELECTRICAL          RESTON, VA       

Foreman:  Jim Lundeen                                  35315                                    1875 Explorer St  

Work Date & Time:   08/22/19,  5:00 am                                                               

Approx:         3+ months  

Type of work:      tenant fitout        

  ** Applicant must wear long sleeve shirts        


2        Target                                       TOTAL ELECTRIC                   STERLING, VA        

Foreman:  Jay                                               35291                             45130 Columbia Pl           

Work Date & Time:   08/22/19,  9:45 pm                                                               

Approx:         2 months  

Type of work:      remodel retail        

 ** Applicant must report to Shop – Upper Marlboro, MD     

            ** Drug testing required

          ** Applicant must be from drug tested list

            **  Night Shift  9:45 pm        

            **  Working under the IBEW 4th District Regional Agreement  


1      Multiple jobs                                  RMS Electrical Services                Multiple jobs

Foreman:  Dale Sunderlin                         35308                                                       

Work Date & Time:   08/22/19, 6:00 am                                                                          

Approx:        6-9 months

Type of work:     tenant/conduit bending       

          ** Applicant must report to Shop after 9 am– White Plains, MD  

            ** Must maintain a decent driving record, background check required  

            ** Drug testing required

            ** Must take social security card, valid ID/drivers license, voided check and referral  

Shenandoah Zone

No Job Calls

Roanoke Zone 

No Job Calls